"We don't have another planet" - Greenpeace protests oil and gas drilling

Ryan Bridge 25/11/2019

Dozens of protesters have stormed an oil vessel in Timaru, hoping to stop its owner "drilling for new oil in the middle of a climate emergency".

Greenpeace says the Bahamas-flagged Skandi Atlantic was preparing to leave the Port of Timaru and travel north to Taranaki, where a 34,000-tonne oil rig commissioned by OMV is set to "undertake the riskiest kind of oil drilling, at extreme depths".

Joining Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge is Greenpeace Climate Campaigner Amanda Larsson.

Amanda tells Ryan that from the original 30 that boarded the vessel ten remain on board after police removed the others at the request of the captain.

She informs Ryan that those removed by the police required to be cut down using angle grinders as they were locked in place.

Larsson told Ryan that she will remain in place on the port viewing the protestors to ensure they are treated fairly and meet their needs.

Asked if this is what they should be doing with oil and gas Amanda responds that the Government's ban on future oil exploration should have also revoked the existing permits that this vessel was undergoing work with.

She describes the actions taken by Greenpeace including petitions, demonstrations and attempts to contact OMV have yielded little results with the only action left to halt the rig itself.

The interview moves to why Greenpeace is targeting OMV, with Amanda pointing to the fact that the company is one of 100 companies responsible for over 70 percent of carbon emissions.

You can watch the full interview above.