"We need to take domestic action" - James Shaw welcomes unanimous support for Zero Carbon bill

Ryan Bridge 07/11/2019

The National Party is supporting the Zero Carbon Bill through its final reading in Parliament. 

National leader Simon Bridges said while National supported it, he's committing to improving the Bill further should the Opposition earn the right to govern in 2020. 

Climate change Minister, Co-Leader of the Green Party James Shaw joins Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss the successful passing of his parties flagship policy contribution to Government.

Ryan begins the interview by asking why the bill limits offshore emission reduction options which James responds, “Well, it is actually contained within the bill, the market has been closed to international units for a few years now because the international system collapsed under dodgy units a few years ago.”

Ryan then questions the Minister on reports that for 10% of the cost we could protect the Amazon which would remove the carbon from the air asking, “are we just taking the expensive route.

Shaw disagrees saying, “the intention here is that we do reduce New Zealand's emissions and take domestic action.”

We need to take domestic action, every country in the world has to do that.

Ryan then wonders what value is there in pushing ahead with Climate Change action if the rest of the world is falling behind, if New Zealand is number one why disadvantage business here?

Shaw responds, “well, we’re not number one. What we have done here is modeled this legislation on the UK which has been there for 10 years.”

“They have had the fastest growing economy in the G20 and cut their emissions by 40%, they have been the most successful country at doing so.”

You can watch the full interview above.