David Seymour: Kiwis will need "accurate information" about End of Life Choice Bill

Latest - Magic Talk 14/11/2019

ACT leader David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill has passed its third and final reading in Parliament.

The Bill - which will let terminally ill adults with less than six months left to live the choice of euthanasia - passed its final reading on Wednesday in a conscience vote, with 69 votes for it and 51 against.

But while the End of Life Choice act is now law, it won't come into force until the public decides in the referendum, which will take place during the 2020 general election.

Talking to Magic Talk Nights with Leah Panapa, the ACT leader said he'll "campaign very hard" to make sure the New Zealand public is well-informed, saying a majority of Kiwis support the assisted dying legislation.

I'll be very severe with anybody who tries to put out misinformation about this topic or my bill.

"Really, the only issue is whether or not they get accurate information, because if New Zealanders get accurate information, then we'll be fine."

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