Duncan Garner: Shane Jones isn't racist - he has a point

The AM Show 06/11/2019

New Zealand First wind bag Shane Jones has opened his trap again 

You see, Winston's away and Shane will play and this time he has a point.

He's effectively said to the Indian community if you don't like the Government's new tighter and tougher immigration rules then hop on the next plane home and bugger off. 

He said "take the next plane home."

What a naughty boy. Come on. 

What's wrong with that? We control our immigration policy, not them. These new rules could see Indians in arranged marriages turned away from New Zealand. 

Now locally the Indian community hit the roof, and I understand they're disappointed in the change, but then came the predictable overreaction with Jones being called a racist 

What garbage. 

Jones said nothing that most New Zealanders haven't said themselves.

An Indian leader even said it could lead to the sort of mass tragedy that happened in Christchurch. Seriously? 

These immigration changes linked to our worst mass shooting? Just no.

So rightly Jones isn't the sort of wind bag that pipes down easily and he called it a "Bollywood overreaction".

A bit cheesy perhaps - a classic Jones one-liner. But it's Jones being Jones, keeping up with himself. He latches on to a phrase and fancies himself more for it.

He's a slogan politician handing out ghost money to the regions.

But New Zealand First and this Government needs him. He's colourful for a roughie, he's well practiced in being an intellectually pompous prat when he can barely keep his shirt tucked into his pants. 

But most in Parliament like him, yet his talk rarely turns into action. 

But that won't surprise. Parliament and especially this Government is full of bland "say nothing, answer nothing, try something and achieve very little" politicians.

At least Jones said something. 

And it won't be his last comments that offend those who are far too easily offended. 

Get over yourselves.

Duncan Garner is a host of The AM Show.