Frustration as parents battle ACC for daughters compensation after losing her eye

Ryan Bridge 26/11/2019

Losing her left eye following an operation three-and-a-half year old Annabelle Geisler’s parents are fighting ACC for compensation they believe she is due.

At just one week old Annabelle was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, a condition that causes pressure build ups within the eye that left untreated can damage the optic nerve.

Over three years Annabelle has undergone over 25 surgeries and procedures in her left eye, the more problematic of the two.

In January an infection took hold after a molteno tube was inserted to help drain fluid in the eye, as a result she has lost her left eye.

Annabelle’s father Alex joins Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss their struggle against ACC.

Alex describes how Annabelle developed “quite a severe infection a couple of years ago which destroyed any hope of vision in that eye.”

He tells Ryan about an initial assessment prior to the operation to remove the eye with the District Health Board putting in a claim for the parents for compensation.

Since then we’ve had ongoing issues really.

Annabelle’s father explains  he received a secondary assessment following the operation to remove her eye and the two assessments seem to contradict one another.

He tells Ryans that the situation has been frustrating saying, “obviously as parents we want to have the best for our daughter, but we just seem to be getting nowhere.”

You can watch the full interview above.