Government scraps Education Hubs in Tomorrow's Schools review

Ryan Bridge 12/11/2019
Minister Hipkins with Prime Minister Ardern

A proposal to reorganise New Zealand's education system into "Education Hubs" has been rejected by the Government as "too disruptive".

The proposal, announced in December last year by the Independent Taskforce Tomorrow's Schools, was to establish 20 hubs across the country, each responsible for the governance of 125 schools in their area.

Minister for Education Chris Hipkins joins Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge, the interview beginning with Ryan asking why scrap the hubs?

The Minister tells Ryan the Ministry’s reaction to the report was that, “they got the diagnosis right”, but were not convinced they got the solution right.

The Minister explains that from the beginning the Government was not convinced of the recommendation for hubs believing them too disruptive for very little educational gains.

Hipkins tells Ryan that giving the power to decide zones to the Ministry as opposed to individual schools as happens now would make for improvements in the system.

Ultimately this is about us making sure every student can attend their local school.

Asked if this was meant to help grow access for poorer students to more well off schools the Minister disagreed citing instead the need to make sure there are enough schools to service all students in an area to match population growth.

To allay concerns that zone changes might impact on parents the Minister assures Ryan, “there is an extensive consultation process” to ensure parents are informed.

The interview then moves to what changes in staff these changes might incur. 

You can listen to the full interview above.