Hannah Tamaki's Vision NZ says it will ban the construction of mosques, temples and other 'foreign buildings'

The AM Show 11/11/2019

Hannah Tamaki's party Vision NZ has promised to ban the construction of new "mosques, temples and other foreign buildings of worship", if elected. 

"They are not us and we are not them," Tamaki said on Monday, promising no "back-room" or "behind closed door deals" with "any migrant community, including the Chinese".

Since its formation, Vision NZ has repeatedly been accused of racism, which a spokesperson dismissed in October as coming from "left-wing crackpots". 

In a press release, Tamaki said her party would "put Kiwis first and immediately stop the phony Indian marriage scheme before proceeding to bring an immediate stop to all further mosques, temples and other foreign buildings of worship being erected in our country".

"They can be us if they who choose to integrate with our Kiwi way of life and not the other way around."

I do not believe there is room in our society to allow for parallel cultures, faith or customs.

"Vision New Zealand is committed to get a mandate from voters in 2020 and follow it through, achieving what NZ First bark about every election, before rolling on their back with their legs in the air like they have just been euthanised," Tamaki said.

Tamaki made headlines last month when she shared a doctored image of NZ First's Shane Jones, making it look like he'd been using an image of a Muslim woman for target practice.

Last month Tamaki said her party would be targeting disaffected NZ First voters.

"If people think our policy is similar to NZ First, then I guess all I can say is that, I will actually follow through on the promise and execute its delivery if that is the chance voters give me and I don't plan on needing over two decades to do it."

The party has previously said it wants immigration cut to just 2000 a year, to pay refugees fleeing war-torn countries to stay away and to withdraw New Zealand from the UN's Global Compact for Migration.

Campaign manager Jevan Goulter in the past has made a series of Facebook posts expressing anti-Muslim sentiment. 

He said Vision NZ would put "Kiwis" first, rather than "people fleeing from their own countries they have managed to destroy due to lack of values". 

"None of these Middle East countries immigrant [sic] to NZ because it's worse than where they are, bout time they stayed home and fixed it."

The post was met with disgust from a number of commenters, who called it "fascist bullshit" and said it was irresponsible to publish just seven months after 51 Muslim worshippers were killed in Christchurch. 

The AM Show / Newshub reporter Mark Quinlivan