Hit-and-run victim's father says drivers home detention too lenient

Ryan Bridge 20/11/2019

The father of a teen killed in a hit-and-run says the driver doesn't deserve a second chance and hasn't been appropriately punished for her actions.

Orion Kraatskow's son, 15-year-old Nathan, was biking home in May 2018 when he was hit by a driver on an off-ramp in Albany, Auckland.

Rouxle Le Roux, aged 19 at the time, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 11 months' home detention, 250 hours of community work and was disqualified from driving for two-and-a-half years.

She has finished her home detention sentence, but Kraatskow believes she doesn't deserve a second chance to prove herself.

Nathan’s father Orion tells Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive of his shock when images of Le Roux began circulating on social media sunbathing during her home detention, as he learned that when nearing the end of home detention she was allowed in public for up to four hours. 

I’m still trying to figure out how this whole home detention thing works.

He describes to Ryan how he believed home detention was akin to serving a prison sentence in the home but discovered that is not the case.

As far as I know when [police] come to the house to knock on the door, [LeRoux] is supposed to answer the door. 

Orion then details a situation “probably around three months in” where Le Roux failed to answer the door on two occasions on the same day, and officers did nothing.

Orion tells Ryan that it upsets him as there are conditions to home detention that restrict actions of those detained and if officers aren’t enforcing those rules , “I don’t understand the point of them going to check on the house”.

Orion tells Ryanhow he and his family are trying to change the law to carry greater consequences despite his case being over, he believes that for other families in the future to be spared from his distress home detention should be more severe.

You can watch the full interview above.