Public Media adovcacy group "excited" by reports of a combined TV and radio public broadcaster

Ryan Bridge 14/11/2019

A Government media advisory group has reportedly recommended the Government disestablish TVNZ and RNZ and create a new public media entity. 

This reporting coming this morning from RNZ.

Representatives from both media companies were part of the advisory group. It was created to look into future funding options due to the financial threat facing the media industry.

Joining Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss is Better Public Media Trust Director Myles Thomas.

Myles tells Ryan that he is excited, “to finally see some action in this area”, even if the reporting thus far has been light on details.

He does also point to the dangers that a merging of the two media entities could lead to a future where RNZ is no longer ad free, though he imagines that would be hard fought against.

That would be disastrous.

Ryan asks Myles what problem is this recommendation trying to address considering TVNZ is largely self funded and RNZ has operated as it has relatively unchanged without issue.

Myles tells Ryan that there is a lack of a public television service in New Zealand with the responsibility to air serious minded interviews and documentary as opposed to the private model which seeks entertainment in the search for profits.

The interview then moves to the disruption that improving internet connections have had on the media industry but fundamentally the largest audiences are on television and not online.

You can watch the full interview above.