Sean Plunket's Working Group featuring Judith Collins


The Magic Afternoon Working Group Panel meets every Friday with regular contributors Martyn Bradbury and Damien Grant, this week featuring guest panellist National MP Judith Collins.

Topics this week include:

  • Halloween. Over commercialised crap or harmless fun for the kids?
  • Is the National Party being unfair to those receiving beneficiary payments?
  • You might have heard that the All Blacks were beaten by England last weekend. Do we care as much as we used to?
  • Genter and Twyford not having to release the 'Wellington Letter'.
  • The Ministry of Education considering banning 'choking risk' foods in early-childhood centres.
  • New free trade agreement with China. Are we comfortable with it?
  • New abortion legislation to say 'pregnant person' instead of 'pregnant women'.
  • Brexit

You can watch part one above.