Simon Bridges compares Andrew Little to dystopian novel 1984

Peter Williams 18/11/2019

National Party leader and leader of the opposition Simon Bridges made the comments when speaking with Peter Williams on Magic Mornings.

Peter begins by talking about the protests over the weekend on the west coast which Simon attended to hear concerns of the residents.

Simon told Peter, “there is a deep sense that they’re not being listened to, that their region is under attack.”

Williams reckons Simon is “dreaming” if he can imagine National taking the seat from the Labour stronghold but Simon reveals his intention of increasing National’s presence in the region.

Simon points to National winning the party vote in the region as a strong indicator of the party’s chances there. 

The conversation then moves to the end of life choice bill which passed its final reading and will be put to referendum alongside the general election.

Simon voting in conscience against the bill says he will respect the result of the referendum and points to the bill as having a stronger foundation than the cannabis bill which has yet to be written.

When asked if he had any fears that the campaigns for and against euthanasia run risk of being captured by gig money interests Simon disagrees but points instead to the Justice Minister as a problem likeining him to a propagandist. 

“It’s Andrew Little in the middle, having effectively a Ministry of Truth where he decides and his officials decide which part of that they prefer; they say no that’s fake news but that bit we agree with. That’s very insidious.”

The conversation then moves to the Ports of Auckland, ‘cash for access’ dinners, and from there the funding of New Zealand First.

You can listen to the full interview above.