The Chase's 'The Dark Destroyer' on Magic Talk Drive

Ryan Bridge 18/11/2019

The Chase’s ‘Dark Destroyer’ Shaun Wallace speaks with Ryan Bridge while in New Zealand hosting the New Zealand pub quiz championship.

The interview begins when Ryan asks about rumours of a new addition to the roster of chaser’s, with Wallace denying any knowledge saying if I was to divulge it I would probably be shot by the time I got back to England.”

Moving on Ryan asks if Shaun is surprised with just how popular the show has become and how far it reaches across the world, Shaun agrees.

Totally astonished at how popular the show is.

When Ryan wants to know how ‘The Dark Destroyer’ remains calm under pressure Wallace is quick to remind Ryan that he is a trained barrister, “so I’m trained to think under pressure.”

He does offer advice for anyone thinking of going on a game show where most people make one mistake and begin to spiral he says, “if you can just focus on the next question as opposed to worry about the question you got wrong then you should do well.”

Ryan poses a philosophical query to Wallace asking if memory is a s important as it used to be with the advent of the internet and smartphones, meaning all information is available to the touch, but Wallace remarks that the human brain is “a wonderful thing” and much more impressive than the information online.

Shaun Wallace is hosting the Believe it or not pub quiz championship in Auckland November 23rd. 

You can listen to the full interview above.