Winston Peters defends "demonstrably false' comments from 2017

Peter Williams 12/11/2019

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters joined Magic Mornings with Peter Williams to discuss his court case, the recommendations to move Auckland Ports as well as Hannah Tamaki directly targeting New Zealand First voters.

The interview begins following caller Michael who commended the NZ First leader for his involvement in the winebox inquiry, which Winston welcomes claiming to have saved “billions of dollars’ in tax revenue.

As Peter begins the interview asking about the current court case regarding pension payments collected by the Deputy Prime Minister, Peters refuses to comment saying he could not do so while the court is ongoing.

Winston Peters then moves on to criticise social media for breaking with traditional media guidelines and commenting on the court case, which he considers libelous.

Williams brings the interview back to the issue of pension over payments asking Winston about comments he made in 2017 that claims of $18,000 in over payments were “demonstrably false” and that the truth was “markedly different”.

Winston’s lawyer told the court that he repaid a total of $17,936.43, marking a difference of $63.57, which Williams asks if that really is a substantial difference.

The interview then moves to the ports of Auckland asking if they will be likely to move to Norhtport.

You can watch the full interview above.