Council of Licensed Firearm Owners call for Police Minister to resign

News 02/12/2019

Nicole McKee from the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners has condemned the Governments gun buy back scheme after it has been revealed that there was a potential data breach of the website.

The web page allows people to notify police they have a prohibited firearm or related item.

"Immediately upon being made aware of the issue the platform was closed down and we are investigating the matter further," a police spokesperson says.

According to the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners information on 70,000 firearm hand-in notifications, the firearms and owner bank account numbers, was accessible to web page users.

Speaking to Magic Talk Drive guest host Leah Panapa, Spokesperson Nicole McKee describes receiving phone calls from people alarmed at being able to access other people's information while inputting their own.

This has been a major security breach of privileged information.

Nicole reaffirms the council’s opposition to a registry list for precisely the reason that it can be breached.

“We aren’t even halfway through a system of buyback and we’re seeing that breach already,” she says.

McKee warns, “there is a possibility that somebody has downloaded that information already and is selling that to criminals.”

McKee goes on to call for the resignation of Police Minister Stuart Nash for overseeing the breach, claiming his response have been deflecting.

If we did a mistake such as transposing a registration, we would be $10,000 out of pocket or five years in jail.”

“He cannot stand up there and say this is the fault of an external provider and not take responsibility for it.”

Our information is out there, we don’t know how far it has gone and our families are now at risk.

She calls upon the Minister to “stand up and take responsibility for your error.” Going on to say that any further discussion for an online registry of firearms would be “disastrous”.

You can watch the full interview above.