Donald Trump becomes third ever President to be impeached in US history

Ryan Bridge 19/12/2019

The Democrat controlled House of Representatives have voted in favour of impeachment against President Donald Trump, making him the third president in US history to face impeachment.

Trump faced votes on two articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

In the article relating to abuse of power, there were 230 votes in favour and 197 against, on the second article, there were 229 'yes' votes compared to 198 'no' votes.

Beverly Hallberg, president of District Media Group and political consultant joins Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss the impeachment.

Ryan begins the interview asking for Beverly’s reaction to the historic moment of the impeachment vote, she agrees it is a “historic day”.

“But the ironic thing about it all, even [in Washington D.C], you would not know that something this historic is actually taking place.”

For weeks, for months we’ve known if impeachment happens we know exactly how that’s going to go.

The foregone conclusion in both houses of congress that Democrats and Republicans will vote along party lines to impeach and acquit respectively.

Beverly believes the move to impeach was ill advised for the Democrats saying, “I don’t think it’s been smart.”

She says she would turn to Nancy Pelosi Democratic Party House leader and Speaker of the House as having since becoming speaker resisting the call to impeach.

Beverly reckons this impeachment vote is an example of Pelosi being “not able to whip her party in shape as she used to.”

She of all people knows that this could actually be political suicide for many of the Democrats.

She claims that this vote might “set a very dangerous precedent” for what she believes means any party in control of the house can “do a completely political impeachment”.

Hallberg criticises the timing of the impeachment with Presidential elections due within the year she says this move signals the Democrats lack of confidence in their own candidates to unseat the incumbent.

She goes on to explain the process of impeachment following this vote there is a trial in the Senate overseen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Senate, controlled by Republicans, is almost certain to acquit the President the question becomes whether or not the trial will be rushed to sweep away the allegations or prolonged to rally support for the President’s base.

You can watch the interview above.