Duncan Garner: Legalising cannabis is bloody mad

Opinion 04/12/2019

OPINION: I couldn't believe it when I heard the Government was going to let us have 14 grams of cannabis on us.

Yep, they really are this stupid, I thought. 

This is of course if we pass the referendum next year. 

But 14 grams? That's actually huge. 

Now you must smoke this in private of course, or at a cool out-of-this-world cannabis cafe with associated munchies. 

But vote yes in the cannabis referendum next year, and you will legally be allowed to carry 14 grams - that's around 42 joints at any one time. 

And that makes everyone in New Zealand a small-time dealer - depending on how you roll and wet your whistle. 

What has happened in New Zealand? Is this the society we want?

In America, 33 states have given the green light to the herb, and Oregon has so much weed in circulation now they virtually give it away.

The price has tumbled and 453,000 kilograms of weed sits there for a population of just 4 million people.

Yes, they say only those aged 20 and older here will be able to partake, but who trusts them?

Alcohol was 20 until Jenny Shipley threw herself at the youth of NZ with a new drinking age of 18 - 20 years ago this week - and a promise of mature European cafe-style drinking to come. 

Jenny was thanked by the young people who chose Helen instead, and we're still waiting for the European cafes.

Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Smoking weed causes harm, especially amongst young people - and already we struggle with our mental health.

Hell, we have the highest youth suicide rates in the world, and we're still ploughing ahead with this.

We're bloody mad. And the idea it will stop people being chucked in jail doesn't stack up because we no longer do that anyway.

In America, the experiment has seen a massive rise in people smoking weed - is that what we really want? 

What's the good bit? 

This could truly change the face of our nation - think carefully.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.