White Island tour guide Hayden Marshall Inman will be a Guardian for the Island - Brother

Ryan Bridge 18/12/2019

Hayden Marshall-Inman’s brother told Magic Talk Drive “if he remains out at Whakaari then he will become the Guardian of Whakaari itself.”

Reports now say the two remaining victims not recovered from Whakaari/White Island may have been lost at sea, 17-year-old Winona Langford of Australia and 40-year-old Hayden Marshall-Inman of Whakatane.

The island tour guide last steps have been reported to be returning to the island to help the tourists on the island.

Hayden’s Brother Mark Inman spoke with Magic Talk Drive on Wednesday following the news that Hayden, along with Winona, may have been lost at sea.

Mark tells host Ryan Bridge that he has been “holding up” in the face of the news saying, “we’ve still got positive thoughts, you have got to stay positive.”

Nature has a funny way sometimes, we found that on Monday last week what nature has to offer and now we just have to hope nature will bring them back.

You have to stay hopeful, you can’t give up hope.

He tells Ryan, “part of the grieving process for the family is to stay positive”, and that the family will be celebrating Hayden’s life on Friday, “and it will be a celebration.”

Ryan asks Mark if he has any understanding of how after early helicopter pilots reports placed Hayden on the Island but since then he may have been washed to sea, with Mark being told that “an extreme weather event” placed Hayden “at the mercy of the ocean.”

Asked how he personally felt about his brother being “at the mercy of the ocean” Mark tells Ryan that “Hayden absolutely loved the ocean, if he could go anywhere that would be the place to go.”

So if he remains out at Whakaari then he will become the Guardian of Whakaari itself.

“[Hayden] couldn’t ask for a better place to be laid to rest,” Mark says. Ryan thanks Mark for his beautiful message and reminds him that the nation, and the world, will have Mark and his family in their thoughts this Christmas season.

You can watch the full interview above.