Winston Peters deflects guns data breach, attacks tobacco tax increase

Peter Williams 03/12/2019

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of New Zealand First Winston Peters joins Magic Mornings with Peter Williams.

Williams begins the interview by asking the Deputy Prime Minister if the police can be trusted to maintain a gun registry following the recent data breach.

Winston says there is a full investigation into what happened, distancing the police from the matter as the database was run by, “a German IT company.”

The interview then moves to gangs in New Zealand and law enforcement as Winston touts over 1,800 new police force members but Peter pours cold water on the numbers noting that roughly half as many have left the force in the same time.

Winston goes on to rubbish National’s claims that they will be tougher on gangs, mocking the suggestion saying “I’m sure the gangs were shivering in their knees.”

Winston also attacks the raise in taxes of tobacco products as, “an attack on the poor people in particular.”

You can listen to the full interview above.