How will kiwis reckon with plastic overuse?

Peter Williams 30/01/2020

In a world-first study involving the rubbish and recycling bins of 867 households nationwide, it has been found that Kiwis throw out 1.76 billion plastic containers each year.

Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage joins Magic Mornings with Peter Williams to go through the study's numbers and what the Government plans to do about it.

Peter begins the interview asking how can the nation reduce consumption of plastic bottles. Minister Sage explains a social media campaign to encourage local businesses to provide free tap water for people to refill bottles.

As Eugenie explains some of the problems associated with coloured plastic bottles and wrappers which confuse sorting machines Peter wonders why we can't return to glass bottles.

The Minister points to the heavier weight of glass which in turn leads to increased emissions during transport, though the Green MP does point to the wine industry as a good example of businesses taking steps to reduce glass weight to improve emissions.

They explore the potential for introducing regulations to improve manufacturing and business practice, and the feasibility of waste to energy schemes.

You can listen to the full interview above.