Sean Plunket roasts Black Cap Jimmy Neesham in growing twitter feud

Sean Plunket 16/01/2020

Magic Afternoons host Sean Plunket took aim at Black Caps cricketer Jimmy Neesham after the allrounder posted support for James Shaw following an interview on Magic Talk

Breaking news, people, so black caps Jimmy Neesham has come out supporting James Shaw in his interview with me on Monday.

I don't know why people have to think it's all conflict and that my job simply isn't to extract information.

James Shaw has now said thanks to the Kiwi cricketer for supporting him in an interview the Minister gave about teaching climate change in schools.

Described by an opposition MP as a shocker of an interview.

The Black caps star, well are the Black Caps stars given their recent results, Jimmy Neesham he said on Twitter that he wanted to take his hat off to Shaw for his calmness.

During the interview with Magic Talk’s Sean Plunket, Jimmy says, I almost threw my phone at the wall four times.

He's got more than 189,000 followers on Twitter a lot less than the runs or wickets he’s got.

Well, Jimmy I feel like throwing my bloody phone at the wall often watching the Black Caps.

The New Zealand cricketer at 29 years old has been outspoken about his support for climate change activism.

Jimmy recently telling the BBC he feels the responsibility to be a good role model.

Is that why you catch planes all over the world to play cricket Jimmy?

Is it? And why you engage in an activity, a sport which is completely pointless, yet burns up tonnes of carbon.

Causes all sorts of human activity, that is of course, by your strange religion bad for the planet.

“As a role model it's important to keep abreast of what's going on and have at least a passing knowledge of global social issues like politics and Climate Change”

Yeah, well as a cricketer you need to know what the weather is too, Jimmy.

Sean Plunket is host of Magic Afternoons.