Sean Plunket and Justice Minister in fiery argument over right to silence in child abuse cases

Sean Plunket 19/02/2020

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Sean Plunket and Minister for Justice Andrew Little got into a fiery debate over the issue of 'the right to silence' in cases of child abuse.

The Minister was on the Ryan Bridge Drive Show the day before on Tuesday when it appeared the Minister was referencing a different law thn was being discussed.

Plunket invites the Minister to his show to discuss the law proposed by the National Party to introduce a criminal offence for failure to provide information to police investigating child abuse.

The Minister, on Ryans show was adamantly against such a proposal, but Sean having launched a petition on the issue wanted to hear from the Minister.

The discussion quickly heated into a debate and argument over the right to silence, with examples of fishery and tax laws where there is no right to silence.

Watch the full interview above.