Abolish the right to silence in cases of child abuse


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On January 29th police were called to a family harm incident at a Ramsey Place address during the night. What they found was a four year old boy severely beaten, having been described by a 30 year veteran police officer as some of the worst injuries ever seen.

Three weeks have passed since that night and still no arrests have been made, no justice has been delivered. All this because the adults involved, the boys family and those who are charged to protect him from harm, have not come forward to provide police with the evidence needed to deliver justice.

The law as it currently stands allows adults to watch idly by while a vulnerable child is left to the mercy of a violent person, protected by the right to silence. The Children's Commissioner recently told The AM Show he believes the right to silence should be amended or abolished in cases of child abuse, the Justice Minister disagreed.

Magic Afternoons host Sean Plunket and The AM Shows Duncan Garner agree with the Children's Commissioner, in cases of undeniable child abuse no adult should be protected by the law in preventing justice on behalf of the child. 

Please sign our petition which we will present on your behalf to the Government of New Zealand demanding meaningful action and legislation to provide police with the powers to deliver justice in cases of child abuse, to compel adults to do the right thing and protect children.

Abolish the right to silence in cases of child abuse. Don't let this keep happening.