Coronavirus: Simon Bridges on the Covid-19 select committee

coronavirus 30/03/2020

Peter Williams spoke with Simon Bridges, leader of the National Party about the Covid-19 select committee and his thoughts on the job support package.

“I want to be there,” Bridges tells Peter that he’s heading to Wellington for the Covid-19 committe.

When asked regarding the role of the committee, Bridges replies “I do expect it to be successful."

The opposition has pushed and sought to see change and improvement

Bridges expresses his sadness at messages he has received from the public, including a crying pharmacist who contacted him as he doesn’t have enough personal protective equipment to support his staff.

He will be raising these concerns with the government.

I still believe that enough people aren't being tested

“There isn't the tracing that I think is required in New Zealand,” Bridges explains.

Peter asks why local papers are being shut down, to which Bridges replies “I don’t think they should be.''

He goes on to say he is aware of just how valuable they are, and lots of New Zealanders rely on them for their information.

Bridges says he will “absolutely” be asking about the papers at the select committee.

When asked whether some halal butchers are staying open, Bridges explains “I don’t think the rules have been finalised.”

Peter questions Bridges on the $57 million that was put aside for Maori health. “Is that needed?” Peter asks, “When only 4 percent of cases are Maori?”

Covid-19 wil hit certain communities particularly hard

Bridges also shares, “I was very critical about the job support package, it didn't go far enough."

Listen to the full interview above.