Are supermarkets ripping us off? Ryan Bridge asks Foodstuffs CEO about price gouging

coronavirus 30/03/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show spoke with Chris Quin, the CEO of North Island FoodStuffs about grocery prices across all supermarkets and food shortages.

Going to the supermarket is entertainment right now, Ryan begins, and a necessity.

He jumps straight in and asks Quin whether supermarkets are ripping people off, despite Jacinda Ardern addressing earlier today that “there is no evidence”.

“Since the beginning of this event, I’ve been getting data on the essential items and the price of those in Pak N Save, New World and Foursquare,” Quin explains, "for 6 weeks weve been watching this closely.”

He says there have been very small movements up and down in food, but in terms of Pak N Save claiming they have ‘New Zealand’s lowest food prices’, Quin says the promise they have is “absolutely in tact.”

Ryan asks about food shortages up and down the country, including pasta, and most recently, flour.

Demand for flour has been 2-3x more

Quin wants to reiterate their staff have been working extra shifts and longer hours, while adapting to Level 4.

“We put restrictions on items as we see them come up”, Quin explains, however they have noticed people coming back twice in one day to get through the ‘2 per person’ limit.

Ryan asks him whether FoodStuffs has found a huge jump in revenue.

He then plays a caller's plea for the price of butter to be lowered, and asks whether FoodStuffs would consider dropping the prices on household items.

This is not a profiteering opportunity for us,

Quin states, “the goal is to deliver a service for New Zealand.

Listen to the full interview above.