Coronavirus: National MP Gerry Brownlee criticises Government's Parliament plans

coronavirus 24/03/2020

National MP and former Deputy Leader of the National Party Gerry Brownlee joins the Ryan Bridge Drive Show to discuss the Government’s response to Covid-19 following the Prime Minister’s announcement of raising the Alert Level to Level 3 effective immediately before entering Level 4 on Wednesday.

Brownlee begins the interview by criticising the Government’s plans to close Parliament down saying “we live in a democracy, we don’t live in a place where the elected people just decide when they will and won’t turn up.”

There is a lot to discuss tomorrow and in my opinion quite a lot at stake.

Gerry Brownlee speaks on his experience of leading the Government’s emergency response efforts during 2010, 2011, and 2016 earthquakes.

Listen to the full intevriew above.