Coronavirus: BusinessNZ CEO talks 'essential businesses' re lockdown

coronavirus 23/03/2020

Kirk Hope, Chief Executive of BusinessNZ, tells the Ryan Bridge Drive Show what impact the elevated Alert Level, announced Monday by the Prime Minister, will have on business in New Zealand.

BusinessNZ is New Zealand's leading business advocacy group, representing thousands of businesses of all sizes.

Hope tells Ryan that he believes this is, “the right move made by the Government to signal going into a lockdown in 48 hours time.”

The raised Alert Levels mean that all non-essential businesses must close, further impacting on businesses that have already been hard hit by the economic fallout to Covid-19 containment measures.

Kirk explains to Ryan the types of businesses directly impacted by the raised Alert Levels, including supermarkets and waterpower - what people need to live.

people don’t need to panic buy

There will be services that are to be taken into consideration, for example transport for those who don’t have cars but need to gather food.

Ryan asks about takeaway shops closing down, and does that include the likes of popular takeaway app Uber Eats?

Hope explains it’s more about getting to a supermarket rather than a fast food outlet.

This will shut [businesses] down

Hope also praises the economic support package, and believes it indicates there will be more to come.

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