"Please stay home, we'll look after your loved ones" - exhausted nurse's plea for people to follow lockdown rules

coronavirus 30/03/2020

On Magic Drive with Ryan Bridge, Ryan was discussing the strict rules put in place to keep New Zealanders staying at home, to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the community.

The lockdown has led to many people missing important, emotional events; not being able to attend funerals, or visit very sick family members in hospital.

Then Rachel phoned in. Rachel, a nurse who has been working on the frontline looking after people in hospital, is exhausted. She's been working nonstop for days, and is at her wick's end when she hears people complaining about how the lockdown is an inconvinience to their lives.

I promise you, your loved ones won't be alone. We are there, we don't have a choice. Please stay home, on behalf of those who can't. Please.

Rachel further went on to say,

We need people to stay home as much as they can - there's no other choice. The longer we let people into the ward, out in the community, the longer we'll be in lockdown. We're exhausted, and its only in week 1.

Please stay home, I promise you we'll take care of your loved ones.

Powerful stuff.

Listen to the full phone call above.