Coronavirus: Covid-19 Patient #37 on the Ryan Bridge Drive Show

coronavirus 24/03/2020

Jenene Crossan is one of the 155 people diagnosed with Covid-19, and she describes the ordeal to Ryan Bridge.

Jenene's condition was severe enough to warrant time spent in hospital but she has recovered enough to return home, in isolation, staying a caravan in her driveway.

Ryan begins the interview by asking Jenene how she is feeling now and does she feel that she has recovered, she tells Ryan, "I am really, really, really tired."

I feel like someone has taken my battery pack out.

Jenene explains that she is unsure as to where she may have caught the virus but she suspects, she was in London but the DHB believes she may have contracted the virus while en route to New Zealand.

She detailed how she first began to become aware that she may have contracted the virus and what steps she took after her suspicions grew more intense. She also explains the contact she has had with others since her return, opting to self-isolate immediately.

Jenene went so far as not to touch her husband upon her return, despite not seeing him for two months, and immediately went to a remote bach in the Coromandel, returning near home only when she developed symptoms strong enough to be concerned.

I was on my knees, crying on the floor, unable to breathe.

She confirms to Ryan that she was case 37 in New Zealand, and is confident that she has not spread the virus to anybody, especially considering none in her family have caught the virus.

Jenene goes on to explain just how in depth contact tracing from the Government is, including the Government contacting her Uber driver in London to check on him. Ryan then asks Jenene how hard the virus was to endure. She explains how the virus impacts people differently.

For example, Jenene did not develop a fever but as she suffered greater respiratory trouble she went to get tested, when the health official saw the state she was in she was brought to the hospital.

Jenene tells Ryan that it has been incredibly difficult, she has had no physical contact with her husband, children, or family, telling Ryan that when you're feeling your worst the thing you need most is often a hug.

It's been a really lonely journey, really lonely.

Jenene tells Ryan that people need to take the Government seriously and adhere to the lockdown rules to avoid having to go through what she had gone through.

She commends the Government for the rapidity of their response but urges people to listen as these measures are only as effective as long as people follow them.

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