Coronavirus: Sir John Key's thoughts on Jacinda Ardern's leadership decisions

coronavirus 27/03/2020

Ryan Bridge speaks with former Prime Minister Sir John Key about the lockdown length in New Zealand and his thoughts on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ryan begins by stating unemployment could increase by anywhere from 7 to 30 percent.

“I could never envision the whole country to be in lock down,” Key claims

In short term, the numbers will be catastrophic

“Good on Jacinda for telling people off,” Key praises, on those who aren't following the rules.

Key explains the aim of the lockdown is to stop community transmission, but wonders when New Zealanders will be allowed to travel overseas.

He claims it’ll be a lot longer than people think.

Ryan tells Key that Jacinda Ardern has been criticised for being ill prepared in the past, but not under these circumstances. “How would you rate her performance?” he asks.

Key responds quite highly of her, 

I think she [Jacinda] communicates really clearly and really well

He explains that being in the role of Prime Minister, you have to weigh up a lot of different things.

Closing the border is automatic to save lives, but also automatic recession

“You can argue all you like but in the end the buck stops with the person at the top,” Key says, talking here about Jacinda Ardern's lockdown decisions. 

“I still think in crisis you see the best in New Zealanders”, finishes Key.

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