Coronavirus: Ryan Bridge rings Australian talkback host and calls out Prime Minister Scott Morrison

coronavirus 27/03/2020

Ryan Bridge speaks with Ben Fordham, a radio announcer at 2GB in Sydney about Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

We are worried about your Prime Minister, Ryan begins, “who we are calling ‘slow-mo’, totally irresponsible…”

Fordham explains their Prime Minister has announced this afternoon that anyone flying into Australia will go into two weeks quarantine, just as we are doing in New Zealand.

Ryan shares that he hasn’t always been a big supporter of Jacinda Ardern, but he is “really glad she has [locked us down]”

It’s the best chance we’ve got of stopping the community transmission

“The idea of completely locked down isn't the most exciting thing in the world”, Fordham claims.

He goes on to say, “I'm very impressed that you called into Australia live on radio with a direct appeal from New Zealand.”

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to beat this thing,” Ryan replies.

The pair make plans to talk again on the Ryan Bridge Drive Show next Friday evening. 

Listen to the full audio above.