Coronavirus: Minister of Education Chris Hipkins talks school closures

coronavirus 23/03/2020

Minister for Education Chris Hipkins is on the Ryan Bridge Drive Show to help explain the measures to be put in place, including the partial shutdown of schools for all children of non-essential working parents followed by the total shutdown of schools this Wednesday.

The vast majority of kids should not be going to school tomorrow

Ryan asks Hipkins what he believes schools will look like over the next two days and how many teachers and children may be there.

Hipkins explains schools will be a lot different to last week, and they are finding ways to ensure kids are safe and occupied, while physical distancing wherever possible.

As Jacinda Ardern has put a one month minimum shut down period, Ryan wonders if this will delay exams for schools.

“It’s too early to tell”, Hipkins replies, however he still wants students to be able to complete NCEA at the end of the year. “Where we can we’re providing resources.”

Hipkins informs Ryan that children can use this time to further their studies at home, with telecommunication companies working with schools, and online resources are being shared.

New Zealanders have become increasingly ready [for it]

Listen to the whole interview above.