Coronavirus: Winston Peters 'this country will never be the same'

coronavirus 31/03/2020

Peter Williams is joined by Winston Peters, Leader of the New Zealand First party and Deputy Prime Minister to discuss Kiwis overseas during the lockdown and essential services.

Peter begins by asking whether Peters is content with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisons change of heart regarding New Zealanders in Australia.

Do you want this to include every New Zealander in Australia being supported? Peter asks. 

When asked whether the 501 deportees are not being brought across the tasman, Peters confirms “that's right.” 

Peter wonders if the country is placed with bringing New Zealanders that are stranded overseas, and whether there are more mercy flights.

“We’re at the same place,” Winston replies, it is dependent on international flights and other countries. 

For New Zealanders facing hardships overseas, Peter asks if there is a chance banks would put money in their bank accounts, to which Peters explains the government has made substantial effort to help with their airfares back.

Many New Zealanders are looking at pay cuts

When asked why some ‘essential’ services are open but similar businesses are not allowed to be, Peters admits “I'm not certain of that”

As someone that has been in politics in New Zealand longer than anyone else, Peter asks, are you completely comfortable with the Powers the government has, such as The Police at the moment? 

If you're going to have a lockdown, you're going to have to force the law fairly and evenly and not have exceptions

Peter wonders whether Peters sees this four week lockdown stretching to six, or maybe 8 weeks, to which Peters replies “Yes I certainly do.”

This country will never ever be the same.