EXCLUSIVE: Winston Peters answers age concerns during Coronavirus pandemic in first post-alert appearance

coronavirus 24/03/2020

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters joins Magic Mornings in his first media appearance since the Covid-19 Alert Level system has been introduced.

His interview comes at a time when the Alert Level is at level 3 and scheduled to raise to Level 4 Wednesday. 

Government advice at these levels is that all over-70s must remain at home, a demographic the Deputy Prime Minister belongs to, which has caused many to question whether he should continue to attend Cabinet Meetings.

Williams leads the interview with the issue of Peters’ age and whether he will continue to attend Parliament or if he will self-isolate at home as is Government advice.

Peters confirms that as of last night he has begun to self-isolate and will continue to work from home as the country enters Covid-19 Alert Level 4.

Williams then questions the Deputy Prime Minister on how Parliament will function during Alert Level 4 being unable to meet in full.

Winston assures that Parliament will continue effectively during the Alert likening it in some respects to a war cabinet, "this is unchartered waters, in a way it's not quite like a war cabinet, but we can get things done if we focus onthings that matter right now and things that can wait will have to wait."

You can listen to the full interview above.