Coronavirus: Public Health expert recommends Alert level 4

coronavirus 23/03/2020

Roman Travers spoke with Public Health expert Professor Michael Baker, who focuses on environmental health and infectious diseases.

Baker believes the Covid-19 alert level of 2 is not high enough if New Zealand wants to get ahead of and contain the virus.

We should be on level 4 now

Roman goes on to ask whether New Zealand should be flattening the curve, as others have suggested.

Baker explains that works for diseases such as influenza, however “we’re dealing with a new virus”, and suggests instead we should move towards an eradication model.

He says we should shut New Zealand down for a few weeks or months, so the community can emerge on the other side of the virus and resume a normal life sooner.

We should prepare ourselves for far more vigorous controls ahead

Roman asks whether children visiting their grandparents over the school holidays are a concern, with Baker recommending people cancelling all trips.

"New Zealand is well placed to eradicate this infection, it is absolutely critical that everyone does their bit.”

Listen to the full interview above.