Simon Bridges will support Government only if they "move expeditiously"

coronavirus 23/03/2020

Simon Bridges, leader of the National Party, tells Magic Mornings with Peter Williams the Government has National’s support only as long as they “move expeditiously” to contain Covid-19.

Bridges compares the outbreak to other countries saying, “once you cross 40 [confirmed cases] there’s no other country in the world that isn’t soon at 1,000.”

Williams then asks Simon if he expects that after today's cabinet meeting will the Government announce an upgrade to alert level 4, Simon responds, “If we’re not at level 3 heading to level 4 today, then we’re not moving fast enough.”

Peter then asks Bridges if he believes there should be a national unity Government including National Party MPs, Bridges concedes he has heard talk of that kind.

"I can’t answer your question clearly today, when the facts change I change."

We’ve got an openness to supporting and assisting here.

Williams then went on to ask if Winston Peters should be self-isolating given his age and Government advice for over 70s to self-isolate.

Bridges reaffirms his commitment to supporting the Government including the Prime Minister’s assertion that for Winston as Deputy Prime Minister he needs to be present at Cabinet meetings.

The conversation then moves to the availability of medical supplies in New Zealand.

You can listen to the full interview above.