"Winston's a poor old man" - caller Paul defends Winston Peters by attacking Sean Plunket

Sean Plunket 21/04/2020

Winston Peters was the subject of Sean Plunket's show today, with Sean taking callers all afternoon about Peters' failed privacy claim against Paula Bennett and Anne Tolley, and questioning why the taxpayers should pay for his court costs.

This topic struck a nerve with Paul, who called up to let Sean know he did not approve of his views and opinions towards Winston Peters.

Firstly, Paul questions who released the information about Peters' funds - which Sean claimed Winston did, to beat others to the punch.

That's a load of rubbish, Paul claimed. It's not rubbish, it's what happened, Sean replies.

Why are you sitting there all day tarnishing and ruining his reputation all day?

Sean retorts that he is just sharing the facts.

The poor old man has done nothing to you...

Sean was unable to sustain his silence and interrupted Paul's statement with a chuckle.

Paul pushes. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Sean replies, "I guess what's wrong with me is I wonder how many gloves and masks could $100,000 taxpayer dollars could have bought, instead of paying to defend public servants against Winston Peters".

Paul zigged on the topic, and followed up asking why Sean calls the Labour Party "lefties" all the time.

Because the Labour Party is to the left of the National Party which is to the right.

Listen to the full back and forth above.