Coronavirus: 70-year-old from Maketu pulled over in roadblock speaks with Leah Panapa

coronavirus 24/04/2020

Ken, the 70-year-old man from Makeuta who was stopped by an alleged Mongrel Mob member while trying to get a bottle of milk, rang into Magic Talk and spoke with Leah Panapa.

Ken explains he was driving around around 2pm, and was stopped by a roadblock, however the people he spoke to were very polite.

He says in the Maketu area there are a lot of people picking kiwifruits and truck drivers, so he can understand why they were wary.

The roadblock was outside a known Mongrel Mob house, but he doesn’t think they were not affiliated with the gang.

Despite heading to the dairy, he told the individuals he wanted to get some fresh air.

They had no right to stop me.

Even though he didn't mention he was getting the milk he says “that’s not the point,” and rang the police about his rights.

The police called him back saying their “hands are tied” and they can’t do anything about it.

You’ve got to protect your elderly.

“People should be able to look after their own but not break the law doing it”, Ken tells Leah.

Listen to the interview above.