Coronavirus: Brian Tamaki on how believing in God saves you from contracting Covid-19

coronavirus 14/04/2020

The Ryan Bridge Drive Show was joined by Brian Tamaki this Easter Friday to discuss the Destiny Church and his thoughts on Covid-19.

Tamaki explains the Church has moved to online services, he wants to keep in touch with members, continue to get the message out.

Initially, Tamaki says, he wasn’t going to shut down the Church but they were caught off guard.

“Nobody was certain of what was coming.”

We abide by everything that the health organisation ministry required.

“We kept our doors open as long as we could,” Tamaki says, they started a drive-in Church service, which only lasted for one Sunday.

The message Tamaki wants to get out is,

We can now consider the real important values of life

“Everyday life has been taken from us,” Tamaki says, although he believes it’s refreshing.

After Tamaki refers to Psalm quote 91, Ryan says it doesn't matter if you ‘give yourself to Jesus’ you can still contract Covid-19.

Tamaki says he believes that the people that believe in God are immune from getting Covid-19,

That's how I personally believe.

However, Tamaki says “Christians are not exempt from suffering,” but he believes that Christians can have supernatural health.

“Having faith is better than having fear,” Tamaki says, and encourages everyone in this lockdown to try and find Christ, “that’s what Easter is about”.

When Ryan asks if the Church is donating any money, Tamaki says whether there’s a pandemic or not, they feed and help people, “Destiny Church is about caring.”

Tamaki says Covid-19 has allowed us to be brought right down to the core of what is most important in life.

“If you believe in Him, you can make all things work out for good.”

Listen to the full interview above.