Coronavirus: Bridges - 'there's no reason we couldn't go from level 4 to level 2'

coronavirus 14/04/2020

Peter Williams is joined by Simon Bridges to discuss the level 4 lockdown and what he thinks about the borders restrictions.

Bridges reiterates “We have to get out of lockdown as soon as we possibly can.”

Everyone that comes into New Zealand has to self-quarantine for 14 days, Peter asks Bridges whether he thinks this will continue for the rest of the year.

Bridges replies “I think so” and explains the borders will be more controlled than they have been in the past.

He wants to open them up, but explains we’ll have to work with other countries in order to do this.

“We should be talking with the Aussies,” Bridges says, and it might be country by country as we do this. 

When talking about the lockdown levels, Bridges says the Government doesn’t want to have to chop and change between levels because they moved too fast, but also believes

There’s absolutely no reason why we couldn't go from level 4 straight to level 2

“It's been all about essential services”, Bridges says, however he would allow most businesses to open, if they can do so safely.

I would have thought that’s a complete waste of time.

Bridges says, on the planned $100 Million to widen footpaths to keep individuals further apart.

“The number one goal is ensuring people can be healthy and have a livelihood.”

“I think they’re not moving fast enough,’ Bridges says on the Government, 

Let’s get out of level 4

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