Coronavirus: CEO of Foodstuffs - 'households being able to afford food is critical'

coronavirus 28/04/2020

Chris Quinn, the CEO of Foodstuffs spoke with Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe about their profits, and how things will change as we enter Level Three.

Quinn says the supermarkets were actually busier in the four weeks leading up to the Level Four lockdown than it has been during the lockdown.

Keeping our customers safe was critical.

Roman asks him if profits are up by 100-150% as reported, to which Quinn says no, however “there’s been a lot of demand and a lot of volume.”

Since the lockdown started there has been a 50% demand in products, Quinn states.

Households being able to afford food is the critical focus.

Unlike other supermarkets, Foodstuffs are actually paying their staff a little extra.

Quinn explains they focus hard on the vulnerable individuals in the community, and there will be some social hesitancy about returning to our way of life before.

He wants his customers to hold them accountable, “are we working hard to bring them great value”, he says.

Listen to the interview above.