Coronavirus: Clinical psychologist recommends prescribing daily 'worry time'

coronavirus 17/04/2020

Douglas Sutherland, a clinical psychologist at Victoria University joined Peter Williams to discuss the positives of level 3 and how to deal with the pressures of level 4.

There will be relief throughout the country when we do go to level 4, Sutherland explains, “people can have a little bit more social contact.”

He goes on to say some may be getting sick of the people in their bubble, and crave face to face contact with others.

A lot of people will be able to go back to work and open their businesses, he says, however it’s a two sided coin.”

“It’s not going to be all that different apart from,

We can get Uber Eats and Dominos Pizzas delivered.

Sutherland says people will feel relief that they can go swimming and surfing, and there will be an initial lift in people’s spirits.

[at level 3] the rules are a bit more flexible and a bit less clear

He goes on to detail that they have seen an increase in demand for online and via phone mental health services, such as Lifeline.

Sutherland recommends prescribing a worry time each day for about 30 mins

Set aside a day in the day to focus on things that are worrying you

Listen to the interview above.