Coronavirus: David Seymour believes public register of wage subsidy is 'reprehensible'

coronavirus 07/04/2020

Peter Williams is joined by Act Party Leader David Seymour to discuss the wage subsidy scheme and what he is going to bring up in front of the select committee. 

Over five billion dollars has been paid out for the wage subsidy scheme, and the Government is releasing a public register of the recipients online, Peter asks Seymour why.

I think it’s completely reprehensible.

When asked why he thinks the Governments has done this, Seymour replies “they’re panicking, and they think they have to the right to violate people's normal rights and freedom at this time.”

He believes it’s a name and shame, and they should be releasing data such as how many people are on the benefit, and how much testing they have been doing. 

‘Numbers not names’ is what Seymour wants, and more random sampling around the country for Covid-19.

“On Saturday, 49% percent of the cases were from overseas contact, by monday it was 43%.”

What we do have, Seymour explains, “is a bigger problem within the border,”

Better to focus within New Zealand, because that's where the numbers are coming from.

“I think that should definitely be on the cards,” Seymour replies, in response to ending lockdown earlier if numbers start to decrease.

Seymour wants the Governments to do planned surveys, and blood tests like they are doing overseas.

If we're going to unitate against Covid-19, the government needs to start being open with its data

If we lift too early the virus can get out, Seymour says, but lifting too late will enflict carnage on the economic front.

He wishes the Government would “share the data in an open and transparent way.”

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