Coronavirus: Epidemiologist lecturer believes lockdown is an 'over reaction'

coronavirus 15/04/2020

Dr Simon Thornley, a senior lecturer on Epidemiology at the University of Auckland joined Peter Williams to discuss what he thinks of the lockdown.

The lockdown is an over reaction

“We should certainly pay attention to protecting people in nursing homes and the elderly,” Dr Thornley says.

Due to increases in imported cases, Dr Thornley believes border restrictions should remain until the near future, however he thinks with social distancing, the public should return to school and work.

We can support the eldery through the pandemic.

Of the nine people that have died so far in New Zealand with Covid-19, Dr Thornley says we cannot assess their death is solely a result of the virus.

On his knowledge on the contagiousness of the virus, Dr Thornely explains we’ve seen a spread in these large events, so group meetings with more than 100 people need to be restricted.

“Rest homes are an area we need to protect,” Dr Thornely says.

A lot of us won't even notice we've had the virus

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