Coronavirus: Epidemiologist says 'many more people have been exposed to the virus'

coronavirus 29/04/2020

Peter Williams was joined by Dr Simon Thornley, an Epidemiologist to discuss how many people may have been exposed to the virus.

Peter asks him whether he believes the virus has become politicized in the scientific community, to which Dr Thornley replies “it certainly does look that way.”

Many many more people have been exposed to the virus than we have previously appreciated

Dr Thornley says a lot of people probably have the virus throughout the world, but are not falling ill.

There have been calls from overseas media and New Zealanders, Dr Thornely says,

flabbergasted that we have overreacted to such a virus

,that [callers say] really is no more dangerous than a bad seasonal influenza.”

He shares about an article he saw comparing the number of deaths from Covid-19 and from WW1. The average age of death in WW1 was mid 20s, whereas Covid-19 is mid 80s - Dr Thornley explains the loss of life is quite different. 

People have also suggested that the Covid-19 test has problems with accuracy, hence why they believe more people might actually have the virus.

Not discussing their wide issues with members of his team, Dr Thornley says “our only avenue is through the public.”

Listen to the full interview above.