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Former Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman on going into lockdown early: "We made the right call"

coronavirus 17/04/2020

Decisions are being made without a full data set, and are they right ones?

Only time will tell, but it hasn't stopped the debate raging in the scientific community over whether the government's handling the COVID-19 pandemic the right way, or if there is a "Plan B" alternative way we should be reacting. 

Former Chief Science Advisor to Prime Minister John Key, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Drive to share his views on the matter and where he stands on this.

"We were very early to make the hard decision to go into lockdown and aim to keep the virus at a level in New Zealand that our health sector can cope with."

We're doing very well, we've got it down to very low levels.

Gluckman continues. "It means when we go out of lockdown, provided we got the necessaries in place (testing and tracing), then yes we'll have the occasional outbreak, but hopefully not a massive outbreak, which if it came it would overwhelm and have tragic consequences."

I think we made the right call. The better we do in lockdown 4, the quicker we'll get back to near-normality in level 2.

Gluckman also answers questions on how the government has reacted to the crisis so far, whether we should move into Level 3 next week, the biggest challenges we face as a country coming out of Level 4, what where the opportunities lie for New Zealand's future.

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