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Sean Plunket and Hone Harawira on roadblocks "what legal authority do you have to stop cars?!"

coronavirus 01/04/2020

Sean Plunket is joined by Hone Harawira, Leader of the Mana Movement, about the supposed roadblocks being placed at the top of the North Island.

"First of all", Sean starts, “Where is your roadblock?”

Harawira replies that he doesn’t have any, “we have checkpoints around the North.”

Who asked you to do this? Sean asks him, to which Harawira replies “we decided we'd do it.”

Someone let tens of thousands of tourists into the country in the last month, and we decided we didn't want them in our area.

Harawira says everyone working at the checkpoints are voluntary, to which Sean argues “you are not staying home and saving lives!”

The safety equipment provided to those working are clothes, masks and gloves, Harawira explains.

Sean asks whether Harawira is stopping cars, “Yes, for about a maximum of 20 seconds.”

When asked if he is part of the civil defence, Harawira says “No”.

We are in close contact with the civil defence and direct contact with the police.

“You've got no legal right to take anyone's temperature,” Sean fires up, and Harawira replies;


We have to do what we do in the North

The ‘medical checks’ that Harawira explains they are doing are temperature checks that he leaves to the medics.

What we’re trying to do, is support the fact there isn't enough police to do this job

On domestic violence potentially going up, Harawira replies “that’s always a worry.” 

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