Coronavirus: Immunologist- 'it's still early days for the vaccine'

coronavirus 15/04/2020

Roman Travers on The Sunday Cafe was joined by Dr Anna Brooks, an Immunologist at Morris Wilkin Centre for Research.

Dr Brooks explains being a scientist at this time meant they’re seeing disruptions in their own field.

“All eyes are on Covid-19 right now,” she says, as their normal research programs are on hold she wants to understand the immune response to this virus.

“It's going to be interesting to hear what steps the government needs to take to eliminate Covid-19,” Dr Brooks says, 

Our borders will likely be closed for some time.

The key aspect that makes Covid-19 so difficult to contain is not everyone that contracts the virus becomes affected, Dr Brooks explains they’re still not sure if people that get it but show no symptoms, can pass it on.

Wearing a mask will slow the spread, she says, but the N95 masks are more important to protect our frontline health workers.

As of April the 8th, there were 115 vaccine candidates, however, 

It’s still early days for the vaccine.

On the rumours that individuals in South Korea have recovered from Covid-19 but become reinfected is “somewhat worrying” Dr Brooks says, and it may be that the early testing showed a false positive.

We don't have a good handle on what immunity from this virus looks like.

Listen to the full interview above.