Coronavirus: Immunologist says 47 vaccines are being developed around the world

coronavirus 06/04/2020

Roman Travers is joined on The Sunday Cafe by Professor Rod Dunbar, an immunologist at Auckland University to discuss Covid-19.

“It’s a very busy time for everyone in the bio-medical research community,” Professor Dunbar says.

Professor Dunbar explains the difference between an innate disease, that beats up on anything that comes by, and adaptive that the body is familiar with, and adapts to.

Why doesn't Covid-19 kill everyone? Roman asks, to which Professor Dunbar replies “for reasons we don’t understand, for some it overwhelms the lungs.”

Professor Dunbar anticipates ”the death rate will turn out the same country to country.” The trick is not only measuring the number of deaths, but also the number of cases. 

For some countries the number of deaths are not being reported

He explains if a country doesn’t know how many cases they have, their death rate is higher.

“The fact we’re only getting about 3 percent of the tests positive is a really encouraging sign.”

“We’ve never been in a better position globally,” Professor Dunbar explains on creating vaccines.

There’s 47 at least vaccines being developed around the world

“We are deeply in the crap,” Professor Dunbar says, if enough people don’t accept the vaccine.

Listen to the full interview above.