Coronavirus: Immunologist says asymptomatic individuals are 'out there'

coronavirus 30/04/2020

As businesses start to come back online, some feel the government is being too strict, and that we should be more relaxed around this pandemic.

Leah Panapa spoke with Dr Anna Brooks, an Immunologist, about why some scientists believe we should have gone down the ‘plan B’ route, and what Level Three means for her industry.

Dr Anna explains they want to discover what really goes on to the body when someone gets affected by the virus.

She “jumped on the bandwagon very early,” as her colleagues saw it coming “like a tidal wave” as they observed other countries.

Leah asks why some scientists are claiming ‘Plan B’ should have been followed, Dr Brooks replies that the government had to act extremely fast, they were dealing with live data.

Because it's such a fast paced environment and so important, all data is being released publicly,

She says, on information being released to scientists. 

The ‘Plan B’ scientists have done unethical studies through platforms such as Facebook, Dr Brooks claims, and are conducting tests that aren't FDA approved.

We don’t have zero cases, Dr Brooks says, and there could be some that are asymptomatic. 

The ones with no symptoms, they’re out there.

Despite social distancing rules being broken outside takeaway outlets, Dr Brooks explains it’s pretty strict in her field.

She says it’s “hard to know” what the government criteria for going down to Level 2 will be, but there are at least 70 vaccine candidates out there.

Listen to the interview above.