Coronavirus: Leah Panapa speaks with a Hong Kong local

coronavirus 09/04/2020

Leah Panapa speaks with Joe Kahu, a Christchurch local who has lived in Hong Kong for three years, and is currently in 14 day quarantine.

“If you come from a high risk country, you get a tracker bracelet,” Kahu says, of the quarantine rules in Hong Kong.

Kahu explains the government tracks you with apps on your phone, and sometimes video call you at random times to see where you are,

If you get caught leaving your house, it’s six months of prison or a $25,000 fine!

He has a paper bracelet, as he came from New Zealand which is noted as a low risk country. The bracelet includes a barcode that he has to scan to his phone. 

Kahu is yet to receive a video call from the government, and is on his last day of quarantine, but explains the apps ask to access your camera and microphone.

The big difference he has seen between New Zealand and Hong Kong is the mask culture.

Every single person has a mask on. 

In Hong Kong, Kahu explains, they can still go out and about after they’ve self quarantined for 14 days.

“Time has flown,” he says of the 14 days, and he has amused himself with workouts and watching Ozark on Netflix.

After his 14 day quarantine is up, he will go back to work.

Listen to the full interview above.